Monday, March 19, 2012

More comic header progress

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Still having some issues with the drawing of Senbei, I just...never like them when they're colored. I even referenced this one! Though maybe that's the issue. Maybe. Bleh. I have three more to do, but they're less Asian. So therefore I'm also redrawing the third one. This though, is because I was drawing it at 2am last night and the pen sort of got away from me.
Here are the two that I still have to draw. No there is not THAT much of a height difference, maybe they're standing on something. The one of Pop is for the first section. Yep. These "sections" are getting weird though, they keep really varying in length. Man, I could never draw a comic that had to have floppy versions or anything. Yeesh.

Do these borders seem familiar? That's because they're business card sized! I need the shape for the comic, so that's what everyone gets. Also it's a plus because if I ever want to put them on cards I'm set.

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Gleckia said...

Beautiful Work! This is Angie , one of the Sandbox folks at CVG.