Wednesday, August 18, 2010

MIX-Accordion Handout

So, sadly my accordion accordion will not be around in time for MIX, however, there's this nice little printout. I had a lot of (caffeine induced) fun with this, I think reading all those origami instructions as a child must have helped somehow. These will be printed for the Minneapolis Indie Xpo this weekend and handed out during the demo Hedwig and I are doing on book binding. Please stop by if you can!

The clickable version is large enough to save and print at your leisure. :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ume Guest Comic Request

For those of you who expressed interest in doing a guest comic for Ume, thank you!

Ume has been really good for me as it's simple and fun, I hope you guys can have fun with it too! I know everyone is super busy. So I'll be posting about it here and there. Remember you can ALWAYS send me art and I'll be more than happy to post it up on the blog. <3

Your art will be featured in the print version of Ume that is coming out this winter, please let me know if you do NOT want your art to go to print version. It will be put only on the blog with a handy watermark. (You can also your own watermark.)

For sending purposes you have several options:
* Upload your image somewhere like a file
sharing site and note me the link on facebook.
* Do the above but attach it (.jpg or .png please)
to an e-mail and send it to
* Upload it to deviantART and send it via note
(Please remember to leave the download feature on!)

I will resize larger images for health purposes.

Please send your images/links/etc with the name you would like to be known as and a website/blog/dA if you have one so I can link to you!

(Your name (optional: website/email) will also go in the print version.)

Here's the list of UME format notes from the last note:

* 1 panel
* nothing sexual, violent, etc...Ume is G-rated.
* Colors are optional but encouraged
* OCs are good.
* Detailed or as simple as you like.
* Any medium.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Food Logic

This is about Ume. All the human characters of Ume have Japanese names, specifically they are all Japanese food word names.

A brief reasoning:

Ume: "Japanese Apricot", an Asian plum. Really Ume's name comes from the variety of things that are created from the ume fruit. Most things lean towards being sweet, but also can be sour, salty or tangy. This mostly reflects in Ume's personality, which will be seen in the upcoming Ume comics. Generally liked, a bit odd.

Tamago: (Tamagoyaki) "Grilled egg", Japanese omelette. Tamago was made to be the slightly more reasonable counterpart to Ume. She is fairly simple, though has many layers, can be sweet or savory. Well liked, easy going.

Senbei: Japanese rice cracker. Senbei hasn't come into the Ume comic yet, but he's currently the only male character. Sometimes sweet, more often savory with a little saltiness. He's sociable, small and a bit snappy. Well liked, casual.

(It's very bizarre to talk about these foods and then apply them to characters, actually it's a little creepy. Ergh. It made sense at the time.)

Opposed to the human characters of Ume, there are the animals.
Pop: Ume's cat
Skid: Pop's cat friend, scruffy
Fizz: The small turtle

I'm not sure why all the animals have short little names like that. Their names relate too but less logically than the weirdo food names...

Hope you enjoyed the brief dip into crazytown. :D

Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's a trap.

Upcoming character, Senbei and Ume fly through the sky on a whale shark!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Not dead yet...

Just a flesh wound.

Jamie and Donovan sketch, will be finished digitally at a later date.

Group of friends. Doop. SD style. Sort of.

Friends at a gaming session.