Friday, June 22, 2012

Ochaya Posters

Just realized without the screen cap getting part of the photoshop background in, these images would be awkwardly floating in a sea of white. Anyways, two simple posters and one with Wonder Woman (in lieu of the theme this year), for the tea room. Getting down to the wire, might do another couple ladies.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ume Abroad Progress

So. Here's how Ume Abroad has gone. Tomorrow will be day 15, and it is being used for stapling and trimming. The above right photo is the same number of pages, but the top stack has been folded by hand, the bottom stack has been folded by hand and then with a bone folder. (Everyone use a bone folder, it'll take twice as long, but there will be less crying over uneven pages later.)

After penciling and scanning, the pages were inked with Photoshop, formatted in InDesign, printed at Kinkos using their terror copier, the covers were printed at home using the terror Epson. The cover paper is light cardstock from Office Max, my pencils were done on copy paper. Yep. Rockin'.

This is going to be available for the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo this upcoming weekend. Go to the CAKE website for more information.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ume Abroad Mock Up

This is the "mock-up" (of a mockup?) for the preview of Ume Abroad. Which is going to be at CAKE this upcoming weekend. I hadn't started something from scratch without a paper mock on InDesign in several years, so this was a little nerve wracking today. Spent a lot of my time at Boneshaker poking around files. But eventually everything worked out! Tried printing it just on my 8.5"x11" printer, and sort of like the smaller size, going to maybe go with that instead.