Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Liam color blocking

Color blocking a doodle of Liam. I don't put him in spaces much, because he's some crazy elf guy, but here you go. One of my favorite things to do is do slight variations of primary colors. Which Liam has a lot of.

Red_Illustrations for Print

I haven't updated this blog in a really long time, most things have been on the Paper Tapir one, the PT facebook, etc. Then my laptop went to the computer hospital. Before that I really just did a bunch of sketchbook stuff and no finished illustrations. So here's a minor little dump of a set that I intend to use as prints.
Series of "Little Red Riding Hood" inspired illustrations. Four of them represent seasons, the fifth was sort of a general one.  I'm not sure if I want to use colored ink, or if the paper will be slightly different, and the ink will just be black. Still deciding on that, and if I want to relief print them.

This is the "spring" illustration, it's the only long horizontal one that there is, which I suppose might be a little awkward. I did this one to go with "winter" mostly. The wolf is sort of hidden in this one.
"Winter" and "fall", despite the order that I drew these in, the order that I intended them to be seen in was: fall, winter, spring, summer. They somewhat show the passage of time. Also two of these have two wolves, and two have only one. And the fifth one has a single wolf, but that's the outlier anyways.

"Summer" and the un-related one. The fifth one was actually the illustration that I sketched first. So we see how that turned out, it's also the only one that is outwards facing. I wanted over the different seasons the layouts to get more and more open, and less closed in. Red has changed a lot from the original sketches. I don't know where she's getting all those clothes!