Friday, August 31, 2012

Color Doodles

This one is less of a color doodle. Normally when I do "Asian inspired" things, it involves me hashing together a lot of things and getting kind of messy with crossover between various types of Buddhism and what people are wearing. Anyways, wanted to do something with green and pink.

First two doodles I did of this guy/lady/whatever. Japanese influenced I guess. For the most part.
Experimenting with color and movement. These drawings were all done in one of those paper back Moleskine's with a Staedtler marker.
Two newer ones, um Japanese influenced, and Korean, both with the lotus motif and Eight Fold on the right hand one. Yeahhh...Back to work~

Monday, August 27, 2012


This is the catfish print I did for the print exhange during the MCAD CE class that I took. Our theme was "chimera", this was the first freshwater fish that I've drawn, except it's got human legs. I guess it's not so fishy. Screenprinted on cardstock.
This is the Aphotic Zone print I've been working on for a while, it's going to be in a show at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts this fall with a bunch of fantastic artists. Our theme was "Under Pressure".  More details on the show later! This was an intaglio print, on Rives BFK.

Whale Comic_Progress

This is the "dead whale" comic I've been working on in whatever spare time I have. After realizing I hadn't done a comic about anything ocean related, I decided on...a dead whale. Repeating patterns! Will be posting two prints later that I did in the last few months. Mostly been doing freelance stuff, and just got some new findings for Paper Tapir winter stuff.