Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Milo and an update

A new picture. This is Milo.

I'm happy with how the hair turned out.

Recently I hit a huge colored pencil kick, they're a lot of fun but they don't document all that well which is a bummer. I can't wait to hit the MCAD scanners next week.

Speaking of the CAD I found out the schedule leaves the 230 lab open Tuesdays and Thursdays which is AMAZING. It means I can do a page of Bound every Tuesday and a page of Usagi no Gravity every other Thursday.

I finally got around to coloring that rabbit/fairy picture, here's a link to my deviantART.

There's some other stuff that will be showing up around here soon. I'll probably post some of Bound here, though not all of it. I'm not sure where I should post it in general. I really dislike most of the online publishers that are specifically for comics so we'll see. The not having to resize can sometimes be nice.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Pointless drabble

The Rabbit and the Fairy Queen.

I got these funny chunks from cutting down some Bristol, I figured I should put them to good use. It's funny, when I don't have a lot of space to use, I tend to put more in a drawing. I like the longer format though it's weird to upload.

It's good paper though so it's nice to work with, and it's small. Mmm small~

Done with the online class now. I think. For the most part.
Moving coming up, going to try and get a few more things drawn before all my supplies get packed up for a few days.

Then it's back to the CAD.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lost Cause of Digital Mediums

This is the only thing I've been doing recently.
Ciaran was for a friend of mine, I think I've done about six of them now? Yeah. I need a new hobby.

Speaking of hobbies, I need to get more hats. Bleh.
I've got about seven done, I want to get another 10 at least.

Anime Detour tables are opening in September and I'm already stressing out about it.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Catch me if you can-Donovan

I'm uploading these while trying to get some aquarium photos up on facebook, this is overloading my relatives network or something. XD

This is a sketch that I did of Donovan, same
color paper as the one of Jamie. I really like the
combo of blue tones and orange, I always do.
Anyways this was just a practice sketch of Donovan, he doesn't even wear an arm band.

The blue line has shown up before, like in "Day by Day" and my old business card. I dunno, it's a nice organic shape but it's still linear I'm rather fond of it...

Peach Blossom- Jamie

I'm trying out working with my sketches.
This one was a sketch of Jamie with an Asian inspiration.

I sort of went with that and added a texture layer of a natural
paper and brush strokes. The peach color was actually because
the original was on this cream colored paper and I liked the
effect and just went with it to a nice peachy orange. :)

One more up in a minute.