Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Milo and an update

A new picture. This is Milo.

I'm happy with how the hair turned out.

Recently I hit a huge colored pencil kick, they're a lot of fun but they don't document all that well which is a bummer. I can't wait to hit the MCAD scanners next week.

Speaking of the CAD I found out the schedule leaves the 230 lab open Tuesdays and Thursdays which is AMAZING. It means I can do a page of Bound every Tuesday and a page of Usagi no Gravity every other Thursday.

I finally got around to coloring that rabbit/fairy picture, here's a link to my deviantART.

There's some other stuff that will be showing up around here soon. I'll probably post some of Bound here, though not all of it. I'm not sure where I should post it in general. I really dislike most of the online publishers that are specifically for comics so we'll see. The not having to resize can sometimes be nice.

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