Monday, December 12, 2011

More Free Hand Inking and Colors


Did this one during the last class that I've been helping in. A lot of really good work went up today. Makes me want to draw regular comics again!

I think it'd be fun to screenprint some of these ink drawings but I'd really have to refine the edges. Every time the brush gets pulled up and I adjust levels after scanning things get a little fuzzy. It became very obvious after trying to color the green part. Also have to dig around for extra ink cartridges, out of ink, lines getting progressively furrier.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Free hand inking again

Still not doing fantastic in the health department. More free hand inks. Animals lend themselves to swirly things. Roosters especially.
I dunno about this, it was going to be a bird, then it got away from me a little.
Tiger! He's a little lumpy...
Straight inked rooster, sadly he was smooshed on the side of one of my pages so he didn't get as much body in the back as I would have liked, also the top suffered a little too.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ink Drawings 2

Second one. This sheet didn't get broken up because there weren't a bunch of plushie sketches and stuff all over it.

Ink Drawings

Been suffering the winter-sick recently. I thought that being out of college would save me, but nope! Taking the time off from chronic book-making to do some free hand inking. It's sort of relaxing.

River concept for maybe integrating into a comics project, not sure at this point. Comics is now sort of the same as "book making" sooo yep.
Two dragons, top one is like a sky dragon thing. I guess.
It's like a peacock bird, man I'm bad at descriptions. Sheet of some natural things and a different type of bird next. Yep.