Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cat Photos

I really just like taking photos of buildings and cats, oh and candid shots of people in cities.

The above is my old kitty from 2009. 
The ones below are my Caitlin's cat Howl, and then there's Katara. Yes she likes water.
Been digging for reference photos for Ume Abroad, ended up finding cats. I think the ones of Howl and Katara were taken last summer.

All I ever do is over use a telephoto lens. I should get something a macro. Or something, normal.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Ume Abroad

I am going to be starting the side comic Ume Abroad soon. Well, it's been started but I'm going to post it. Probably going to try and get up a side page off of Ume so it won't be too weird to have both of them be related. It's not going to be in color, but I wanted to have a temp image that was. I guess I also shouldn't have used this as said image. But whatever.

Rounded 4-panels to begin with, they will eventually change to fit the story.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Ume

Inks and photoshop. I never use pencil with these anymore. From pencil-y beginnings... Also there's a background on this one, sort of. Still need to use that elusive "ruler" Oh well, it will happen eventually. Maybe.

Anyways I'm just going to double post holiday stuff from Ume here. Because maybe that will make be better about doing them. Also maybe.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Jamie and Donovan and wolf guy

Jamie and Donovan for Valentine's Day, which I can post here because it's safe. For now. Also, you know. Most places on the internet. This was my last piece of this kind for a while maybe. I'm now out of watercolor paper this size. It's a nice ending to it though. Arms are for chumps.

I'm really atrocious at drawing animals. The heads get away from me. Anyways, decided on this wolf-type thing in a coat. I'm not sure why.

Things I don't care about: if you're a furry. If you're a creepy furry, you're probably just a creep. If you're a jerk, you are just a jerk. It's not because you're a furry. I dislike when people think that "furry" automatically equals "bad". Ugh. Also, then there's the fact that "furry" means "bad" and "anthro" is "kind of okay as long as ______".

Okay, this is going to get soapbox-y soon, I'm going to stop. There might be more of wolf-trenchcoat-man eventually. I like his fancy hair.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Title goes here

Here's a non-bird. Shock! This is the 13/15 of the pad of watercolor paper. So I might have to switch paper or buy more. Going to have to be buying a lot soon for printing though so it might go on hold.  I have no idea what to call things that aren't birds.

I keep wondering if people think the majority of these are men or women. I don't actually know. Eh.

Found some old work at the parents house. Got rid of almost everything, actually did find some decent older character designs, also found that I go through periodic happy marker fun tiems. So I guess this is just the most recent one. Woo.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Amaya's Adventures in Printland

So people have been keen on getting prints of my bird drawings. 

Alas. It has been fairly troublesome. I own a nice little Epson printer, it's...sort of not for what I do, but it works. The last time I used it was for senior project and it was a dream compared to the ones at school because it was less picky about deckled edges. 

But apparently that leads to...other issues... 

 First attempt: Ink levels too low. 
Glossy photo paper is a no-no. 
Colors are off.

No glossy paper.
Colors are off but getting better. Sort of.
Second attempt: New ink.
Uhhh well it's wrong, but it looks pretty cool. I guess.


 Finally got closer!
Still needs some work.
But better. Whew.

Birthday doodle

This is an early birthday doodle for my bro Melissa. I sort of wish I had pulled the hair up on this one too. But it has more swirly things! Black and red is still so weird to me. I did get some new colors yesterday so going to try and use them there "warm tones". Gah. There's that weird little thing between her sleeve bits. Need to adjust that. Yep.

At the CAD from 1-9:30 now. TA stuff and then class. Printmaking thingsss~ Looking forward to doing the 150 Sea Creatures print. Doing two group things too. Trying to decide on another one or two things to try and do. Shiny shiny.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Black Bird

Eyyy another bird. I struggled for a day with adding the red. Horrors! It was tough, I rarely put a really stark red on anything these days, and dropping it on to the grey tone bird that I was already happy with was kinda ehhh. But I'm okay with it like this. Goes with the other one with the little Asian-y outfit. Yep.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Selene and a double bird score

The Selene drawing was an experiment, one that I'm not entirely satisfied with. Colors were a little to bright. She used to have little horns, but those got lost.

Super 80's bird I just shouldn't talk about. S/he's fancy and has a body suit with flared bottoms. That's probably enough. The hair on this one was fun. A little bright overall.

Been wanting to do a white bird for a while. It took a -lot- longer than expected, well sort of. I expected it. The white ink does really well for shorter lines, the swirls proved a little more difficult. Not sure if I should have added more around the edges. Might go back and change it later. 

Deciding how I should go about prints. Things I am not used to!