Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mini card

Printed out one of the headers, I might use this as promos for Ume Abroad, I like the size too. Though I would have to switch companies for printing. Haven't thought about what to do with the back. Will be doing that soon. Working on that among other things. Going to try and get back to books and stuff soon.

I have about sixteen pages done right now. Will be trying to make it to twenty this weekend. Before June I want to have a pretty big chunk done in b/w and a lot of it colored. Going to decided on final coloring style soon as well.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Big Fox, Little Fox

This is approximately a quarter of a watercolor I'm putting the base layers on right now. It's a fox. Sort of. Going to end up a mixed media piece because I want to gouache the heck out of part of it. I don't draw animals very often but this was a good time. I guess it's because it didn't actually need to be very "fox" like. Vague post is vague!

I'm trying to catch up on reading a bunch of books that I've gotten over the past couple weeks. I also am working a bunch on Ume Abroad. And those other things I do. Yep.

Going to try and slog through piles of ink to get this intaglio print to work out. I'm not incredibly optimistic about the colors though. That's this week. Should be getting a few more pages of the comic done as well. Trying to work out printing for Jubilee still.

Monday, March 19, 2012

More comic headers

Two for this "part", there's one more to go. The one above is the first one for the entire thing, the bottom one is the second to last section. Drawing four people in these little boxes seems to work pretty well. It's quite a bit easier than drawing in huge open 10x15 pieces of bristol. Also I noticed I didn't draw -any- hands in the last one. Huh.
I also went back and changed the one of Senbei a little and added the spot of red. Oh look in that group one they're all wearing blue. Crud. I'm bad at this.

More comic header progress

click to make it bigger!
Still having some issues with the drawing of Senbei, I just...never like them when they're colored. I even referenced this one! Though maybe that's the issue. Maybe. Bleh. I have three more to do, but they're less Asian. So therefore I'm also redrawing the third one. This though, is because I was drawing it at 2am last night and the pen sort of got away from me.
Here are the two that I still have to draw. No there is not THAT much of a height difference, maybe they're standing on something. The one of Pop is for the first section. Yep. These "sections" are getting weird though, they keep really varying in length. Man, I could never draw a comic that had to have floppy versions or anything. Yeesh.

Do these borders seem familiar? That's because they're business card sized! I need the shape for the comic, so that's what everyone gets. Also it's a plus because if I ever want to put them on cards I'm set.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ume Abroad progress

I wrote this nice happy journal and then the internet ate it. So have a shorter less involved one. It's probably for the best anyways. This are header images for different sections of Ume Abroad. I figured because they happen to have Japanese names (even though none of them are) they'd start in Japan. The next one might be Europe. I really do want to hit the Euro, but maybe not Russia. Curse you fancy buildings.

The one of Senbei I gave up on because I don't like the original drawing so I'm starting over on it. Yes, they all happen to be wearing various shades of blue or teal, it was actually unintentional for once. But it might have to stay that way. Tamago is hard to color because her skin and hair are so...eggy. Ahaha I didn't do that on purpose either.

So yep. These might end up being the promos for the preview, but who knows. My computer is so sad right now. I've been running photoshop and a bunch of other things.

Looking at printing for the preview, Jubilee and Fresh Ume. Jubilee is proving harder than Fresh so that's going to be interesting.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Updated Things!


I have updated the commission page slightly. By slightly, I mean quite a bit.
Different prices are now up, as well as buttons of "chibi" characters.

Normal prints, books, etc. are going to be posted as usual.

Because of my erratic drawing styles that I end up with, it can be a little complicated. I can replicate almost any type of drawing that I have done in the past though, so you're safe. If there is a style of art that you have seen here, or on deviantART, or even Facebook, there is pretty good chance that even if it's 4 years old I can still do it.

So, if you see something, please don't hesitate to ask. I will let you know, even if it means trying it out first. I also do cut paper work and custom books, that can be seen on PaperTapir.

Feel free to e-mail me with any questions~

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ume Abroad progress sketches

The first section of Ume Abroad is going to be taking place in Europe. These are some quick pencil and ink drawings. Older European architecture is a bear to draw, yes I happened to sketch some of the easier ones. Wait until Russia, just wait. It's a horrifying prospect really. Um. These are from Estonia and Sweden. The statue and wall piece are from St. Petersburg.

Azen and Raz and Alimen

Two doodles of some characters that are part of my friends comic and long term project, Oria Ohtar. You can find out more about it here. I really don't draw men that often, or masculine men. It becomes painfully obvious. Also. I like scarves. These were done with copic on watercolor paper with a pentel brush and stylo.

Update! I drew the last redhead. Well sort of last. This is Alimen, also from Oria Ohtar. He's my favorite because he's got a lot of hair and a bird.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Ume Abroad progress

Progress on Ume Abroad stuff. Front image, not sure about the tone overlay. I added in some hatching and I guess maybe that shouldn't have been an afterthought. Also unsure about the extra overlay of a light red. It makes everything really warm, which isn't normally a "thing", maybe I should stick with blue.

Yes, the furniture is off kilter

The actual comic is going to mostly be black and white probably unless I decide to do tone as well.

Woo just saw this on the browser, and man is it more red than I thought. Yeesh.
The non-full size tone looks wonky too. *sigh*

Monday, March 5, 2012

Photoshop atrocities

I should write a book, called "how to make things a little more awful using photoshop". It would be so awesome. I'll probably do a better job coloring her later, with a real scan. Instead of using a 
scanning app on my phone. (Don't judge.) But I liked the pink/blue tone in the background. 

Magical Girls B/W Submission

Did some quick lady doodles for an anthology some former classmates are putting together. This time it was magical girls. Yep.

I haven't drawn that much excessive frill in a while, but it's sort of nice to do again. I want to color the school girl. The second one is like some bad mix of my bird doodles and Belldandy. Oh well. Also I don't tone properly. These might look super funny on your monitor. I'm sorry.

You can buy a copy of F'Yeah Magical Girls at the Mini Comic Expo at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design this Friday at noon!