Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sketch sketch sketch..

Notice how frequently I update this blog? Ugh. Anyways. Been working SES these last few weeks, oh and CONvergence came and went. So I haven't been drawing much of anything and figured I should start. These two are from the Hunters concept I've been mangling, it goes with the short 5-page comic called "Bound" that is halfway inked right now.

Inked sketch of the two characters. They've got a really strange relationship that I haven't really bothered with. It's sort of generally outlined in Bound, but not to any extent. This is pretty out of character for them in the first place.

Main character doodle, this is more Asian-influence than I ever wanted, ever, in life. I like the flow overall so I guess it's okay. I'm deeply regretting those cherry blossoms.

This is the only thing I've worked a solid amount of time on in the past few weeks. I started it while bothering Joel Vollmer's comic book class (MCAD) one week, and finished it later. Actually, I also did the first Hunter picture in Joel's class.

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