Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ocha-ya CONvergence Room 2009

I stole some pictures from my friends on the fbook.

I figured that I should show what I've been up to on the convention line recently and this is it.
My friend Cameron came up with the idea to do a tea/ramen/rice room at CONvergence this year, we're probably going to be at Anime Detour and next CONvergence. This test run proved very successful and was for sure worth the extraordinary amount of money we dropped on it.

The final uniform for the boys (traps), we had green, white, red and brown that coincided with the tea they were serving. Green, white, fruit (grapefruit that is), and oolong.

This was the original design for the uniforms for the traps. Cameron designed them and after a few versions this is what we decided on. The finals did not have the characters on them because it was decided that it would be sort of pointless.

The tops, obi, neck piece, cup holder, and corset-type-thing were made by hand, the skirts, thigh highs and shoes were purchased or borrowed from the girls.

Not shown are the lanterns on thin bamboo stakes that were carried around by the male (girl traps) and the female outfit, which consited of a button down in matching color, blazer, fedora, and pants.

This was the main side of the room, the opposite side (by the tv cabinet) had a large three-panel screen made by Cameron and a few of our friends.
The outside balcony area had a large low table with pillows going around the edge, we had lanterns across the front part of the balcony as well. The low lighting worked really well and provided a nice, calm atmosphere for the convention go-ers. People even brought board games!
All photos are c. Lauren A., Cameron N., and Amaya L.

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