Monday, February 4, 2013

Red: Seasons and Process

 I ended up redoing the image for "Summer" (right), and after that promptly realized that then "Spring"(left) was the only one in the horizontal format, it was a little hard to change the formatting on that one, because I did really like it sideways. I'm still probably going to print some of the horizontal ones because it's a nice long composition and that's how it was originally intended to be.

Information about the Red project and image of all illustrations together under the cut:

This project was started back in October, I had wanted to do a set of images loosely based of of "Little Red Riding Hood", that didn't have anything to do with any grandmothers or woodsman. Originally "Red" was a much different character, but I realized that I wanted her to be able to stand on her own without even the idea of someone else having to help her. This was also meant to be a very fantastical view on the relationship between Red and the Wolf and the Wolf not really being a very realistic character. The Wolf can be viewed as a singular entity, as two animals, or even a whole environment. I guess it wasn't really a wolf in the first place, as in "Fall" where is starts to have a questionably human-like hand.

The seasons show the progression of Red's existence within the forest, and coming to terms with the Wolf. I wanted these illustrations to be very non-threatening, as in many interpretations of the story
(read: chopping things and blood). I also wanted the Wolf to not only be seen as huge and terrifying. And when it was not, Red could learn to live along side it. The two additional images are as Red is accepted more into the world, and ultimately becoming a part of it.

For the prints of these images, the colors will probably be different with three sets of paper colors, one set for "Fall" and "Summer", one set for "Winter" and "Spring" and one set for the two additional prints, the colors of ink will also be different, I also am going to print a set of black and whites.

Because of the format of the last two images, I might make the bottom right one longer than it was made, which is really much more like the original sketch.

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