Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Reopan process

Images of the reopan print. 
"Reopan" comes from the Old English "to reap", it's for a print exchange at the MCAD continuing studies Open Edition printmaking class, in which our theme was "ripe".
The perforated words were done by laserjet printing the text, cutting it out of a larger sheet, taping it to the print and doing the perforation with an etching needle on cardboard (shown here by this lovely Crayola Glow Dome box). The tape and paper were removed and the text was repunched to get the proper depth. 7x7", relief print. 
Yes, I do love that green serifed one. A lot. Maybe I'll make more like that. The really bright green makes me happy. Even though that's not "wheaty" at all really.

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