Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Working on a new-and-improved (read: updated) link list.

Links for artists are their "main" site as their name and alternate ways of finding them, so you can find them at your convenience.

-Group Blogs-
Toilet Rice
Experimental Everything

Derelict Heaven

-Illustration, Comics and the lot-
Aimee Hagerty Johnson
Alex Fukui
Andrew Herbst
Ashby Utting
Barbara Bates
Chamille Mies -tumblr
Chelsea Pray -deviantART -blog
Carl Thompson
Cassandra Butterbaugh -deviantART
Chris Lyle
Danielle Keller -deviantART -blog
Danielle Loos
Edward Heyl <--Founder of the group art blog: Experimental Everything
Emily Benger
Emily Knight
Heather Taylor -deviantART
Hedwig Vinson -blog -deviantART
Ilana Niemi
Iza Suelli
Jamie McNeill -deviantART
Kaycie D -deviantART
Shannon Brady
Veronica Hazelmyer

-Photography and Film-
Drayke Larson -Wedding photos -deviantART -flickr -YouTube
Taylor Gruye

-Fancy Friends-
Blasphemina's Closet
Megan Maude
Scoundrelle's Keep

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