Thursday, April 9, 2009

Post: Anime Detour

Anime Detour is over! I did pretty well considering, but now I have to make a new set of hats, I dunno it's fun for me so I don't mind all that much.

Next up is Anime Central with Messa!

I didn't get much done other than extra school work (which, of course, is not documented) but here are some slightly more normal sketches. You know, those things I do for fun? Yeah~ Hunters, a guy who looks like Riku who isn't Riku and Link from Zelda. I'm not sure what spurred that last one, I almost never draw fanart anymore.
Also here's a picture of the Alucard (Hellsing) costume I worked on for a friend. There are some parts on it that still sort of bother me, but we'll go with it for now. I was pretty pleased over all.

I've been getting a lot more on Tales done recently, I'm starting to ink the finished pages and pencil the last three. I've decided to ink it in black then change the color digitally and print on watercolor paper, I think it will be easier in terms of materials and the inking will be more uniform. In other news I've switched back to comics for my major, I guess this is it though, no more switching after this~

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